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New & Used Tire Sales.

 Having new tires improves the overall performance of your car. The quality of new tires used determine how much power your car can use on the road. New tires provides you with complete control on how safely you can brake, turn and come to a stop. The cost of new tires is minuscule compared to the benefits you gain with having them on your car, Safe Tires has a wide selection of new & used tires available at our location at affordable costs.

Tire Rotation and Balance

Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance.

Both are extremely necessary for improving your overall condition and performance of your car. It is important your tires are rotated around 5'000 to 8'000 miles and your wheels balanced annually. Just by keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle with these services you can make your tires last longer. You can trust Safe Tires certified technicians to take care of your car's needs In a quick and safe environment..


Tire Repair.

Safe Tires  provides all your tire needs in one stop. We offer full tire alignments using the best quality equipment that gets the job done. While having your vehicle on our alignment rack our certified technicians are able to measure your wheels alignment with the wear of the tires, along with any damages after the assessment. We then align your two front tires relative to the rear tires. Safe Tires also provide detailed tire inspections along with flat tire repairs, always giving you the best affordable prices.

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